Even with the strongest of choice programs and institutional arts and education classes, some populations fall between the cracks. Our Reach programs seek out these individuals and re-engage them through the Arts.  Project Youth ArtReach (PYA) targets youth involved with our court system in correctional or detention settings. For these young people, specialized artists use their art practice to engage participants to work in the direction of self-awareness and self-efficacy; toward cooperative and constructive behavioral models.

Between the Choice programs and PYA, Artivate positions artists through other Reach initiatives to connect with youth missing the opportunities for creative activities within their school day. Through Out-of-School Time initiatives including after-school and summer programming, upper elementary and middle school youth find opportunities to make a mark or make a sound. They learn to survive mistakes and they learn how they can improve their skills and do something better.

Through ArtReach, we have expanded programming to include those most lacking in access to the Arts.  These include children from low-income minority households, seniors, special needs children and adults, as well as wounded veterans and their families.