A Partnership Celebrating the Voices of our Youth!

  • June 21, 2018
Wheaton High School students unveil "Celebrating Identity" installed in the Identity headquarters. Artist Carien Quiroga (left) facilitated the students' work. (Photo by Identity)

Artivate and Identity join for a full year of artist-in-residence programs!

For one full year, Artivate artists taught after-school classes in photography, drawing, mixed media, and mosaic art to students in the Wheaton High School Wellness Center, which provides a broad array of programs and services to support students’ physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being. The center is operated by Identity, Inc., a Montgomery County non-profit focused on positive youth development.

The final student project was a 6′ x 4′ mosaic mural created under the tutelage of artist Carien Quiroga to commemorate Identity’s 20th anniversary.  At the June 15th unveiling, Carien described the mural and the process:

“Students from the Wheaton Wellness Center designed and created this mural to represent the impact of Identity on the community. Students brainstormed ideas and made sketches; they learned mosaic-making and fused-glass techniques, and constructed individual pieces that were integrated into the mural, characterizing their diverse and unique qualities. The very nature of the mosaic-making process is rebuilding and reconstructing to create imagery out of broken shards of glass. This can serve as a reminder of the immigrant experience of rebuilding lives in a new country, in a different culture, while holding on to pieces of one’s own cultural heritage.

Wheaton students and Wellness Center staff point to their favorite element (Photo by Identity)

“This mosaic represents the community as a whole. It isn’t just an art piece. It is a part of us. It is the embodiment of nature and industry and how we integrate that into our actions. In turn, our actions supplement and sustain the world. Even the slightest efforts go the longest way.”
Wheaton High School student commenting on the meaning of imagery in their mosaic.

To learn more about Identity and their work with youth throughout Montgomery County, click HERE. We look forward to expanding creative opportunities for youth through this partnership.

Your support and continued contributions make these collaborations possible. Thank you.

Your Partner in Community Artist Programs!

James Modrick, Executive Director

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