Andes Manta: Music of the Andes

Surround yourself with vibrant music of the Andes Mountains performed on more than 35 traditional instruments. Andes Manta captivates audiences with six-foot long panpipes, llama toenail rattles, four-foot long flutes known as moxeños, and the haunting sounds of the rain forest. Natives of the Ecuadorian Andes, the four Lopez brothers learned their traditional folk music as it has been taught for centuries. An invitation to join Andes Manta to form an impromptu drum and rattle band is always an audience favorite.

Andes Manta is spectacular. The caliber is the highest and they were so fun for our youngest (3 year olds) to our oldest (11 year olds).

– Assistant Head of Lower School and Counselor, Sandy Spring Friends School

An excellent program for our dual language school. The performers did a great job of making it meaningful for both older and younger students.

– Art Teacher, Key Elementary School (APS)

Andes Manta has performed at our school before and is a favorite of ours. The students really enjoy the music and learning about the different instruments that they bring.

– Music Teacher, Cedar Lane School (HCPSS)

Andes Manta recently performed for our school and provided a transformational experience for our community… The level of talent was exceptional and my children continued to talk about the program at home for weeks afterward. I could not more highly recommend this group to any school looking for inspirational musicians that know how to interact with diverse audiences.

– Parent Volunteer, The Country School

The four Lopez Brothers, Fernando, Luis, Jorge and Bolivar, were raised by their family in the traditional way, celebrating the cycles of life with the music and dance of their ancestors. Like most Ecuadorian children, they made flutes and panpipes of native bamboo, and learned to play from older musicians. Then, when he was eight years old, Fernando found an abandoned guitar in a field. Although it had only three strings, he worked out melodies, played and learned. A relative had the guitar repaired. A music teacher noticed an extraordinary talent and sent Fernando to the Quito Conservatory to study classical guitar. But it was the music of the Pueblo, the folk tradition of the Andes that drew Fernando and his brothers. At a remarkably early age, the Lopez brothers gained a reputation throughout the music circles of Quito as a formidable talent in the folk music world.

In 1986 while still in their early 20’s, Fernando and his brother Luis were invited to present a series of concerts at Simon’s Rock of Bard College in western Massachusetts. Since that time they have performed on major stages throughout North America, appearing in 48 states in the U.S. They are now based in the Hudson Valley of New York. Andes Manta tours year round, appearing on major concert stages, at festivals and at countless universities and schools. They return to South America as often as possible to renew their cultural roots.

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Music of the Andes
This school performance features dozens of traditional instruments, from the lyrical sounds of the Quena (Andean flute) to the haunting tones of the six-foot-long panpipes. The musicians’ signature piece – “Causai Pacha” – weaves music into a trip to the Amazon Rain Forest, complete with chirping frogs and calling birds.

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