Billy B.: The Natural Science Song and Dance Man

A Billy B. show is kinetic learning – from mimicking the slide of tectonic plates with legitimate “moon walking” to pretending to be photosynthesizing leaves, Billy B. and kids all over the country have sung and danced their way to a better understanding of the natural world. A veteran artist who has appeared in nearly all 50 U.S. states, Billy B. has performed at such venues as Wolf Trap Farm Park Theater in the Woods, The Kennedy Center, and The Smithsonian Institution, and at museums and conferences across the country.

A good time was had by all. The students really got into the musical numbers. They showed good retention of the basic concepts being explained.”

– Cultural Affiars, Westbriar ES

Billy B. was an excellent choice. He made contact prior to his arrival, set up was simple and Billy B. had the skills and equipment to put on a fantastic performance. Billy B was professional at every point of the day, engaging for students and staff and provided 2 back to back performances with no loss of energy. 10/10 would book him again.

– PTA Cultural Arts, Windy Hill Elementary School (Calvert County Public Schools)

Since 1977 Bill Brennan (a.k.a. “Billy B.”) has electrified children, parents, and teachers alike with his exciting, unique style of combining environmental education and entertainment. Billy B., a trained educator turned performer, uses songs and dances which he writes and choreographs himself to teach children of all ages about the wonders of natural science, ecology and the environment.

Billy B. has performed for more than 2 million children in 45 states and Canada, giving 400-500 shows a year in schools and diverse venues such as the White House, Wolf Trap Filene Center, Ford’s Theater, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Geographic , the U. S. Department of Agriculture, and the 20th National Earth Day Celebration on the Mall in Washington. D.C, where nearly a quarter of a million people were in attendance.

Billy B. has been featured in the U.S. News & World Report, PBS, Fox Television, Entertainment Tonight, National Public Radio, the Washington Post, Detroit Free Press, and in a myriad of other publications, television, and radio shows. He has produced nine recordings ( four of which were commissions, with titles like “Romp in the Swamp,” “Biodiversity and Billy B,” and “The Ways of the Bay,”) and a host of television, video, and film productions.

Through his energetic performances, Billy B. teaches children a large spectrum of environmental topics, from arthropods, alligators, and owls to complex scientific phenomena such as photosynthesis, pollination, the grinding of the earth’s tectonic plates, and erosion. In addition to teaching elementary and middle school children environmental science through song and dance, Billy B. also performs for primary and preschool students with both songs about nature and songs dealing with common courtesy, self help and life at school.

Artist’s website: Billy B.: The Natural Science Song & Dance Man

Virtual program options available – contact us for more information.

Billy B. Pre
Billy B. introduces preschoolers to the pride of helping themselves and to the joys of nature as they dance and sing along with him in a celebration of life on Earth.

Bio, Bio, Diversity!
Billy B. presents the beauty, abundance, and complexity of the biodiversity all around us and in specific habitats worldwide, (coral reefs, old growth forest, and soil.) For older students, Billy B. presents human activities causing problems for the world’s biodiversity and possible solutions. Commissioned and approved by the World Wildlife Fund.

Geology Rocks!
Introduction to geology’s basic concepts – the origin, structure, and composition of the earth, plate tectonics, the rock cycle, volcanoes and earthquakes.

The Rainforest Chorus
Stalking panthers, toothy agoutis, and rock-hard Brazil nuts play important roles in Billy’s lively portrayal of the world’s most exotic, ancient and very important ecosystem. Commissioned and approved by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.

Recycle Mania
Billy sings and dances about nature’s recycling activities. Natural resources, landfills, reasons for recycling, and easy ways to recycle are discussed.

Rhythm and Roots
Billy B. parodies popular songs while introducing important topics like rainforest depletion, photosynthesis, and the Greenhouse Effect.

Rock Knocking Native Americans
Billy B uses original music and humor to teach how pre-Columbus woodland Native Americans built their homes, made tools, gathered, trapped, and grew their food.

The Singing Tree
A spirited and upbeat program traces the life of a tree from its tiny beginnings as a sprout to its end as a venerable giant of the forest.

Ways of the Bay
Watershed, estuaries, erosion, runoff, and depleted oxygen levels are among the important concepts that Billy B. sings about as he reveals the ways of the Chesapeake Bay.

Weather, Climate, Let’s Define It
Billy B leads his audience through a song and dance exploration of the differences between weather and climate, the structure and benefits of the atmosphere, and how it all supports the amazing diversity of plant and animal life on our beautiful planet. For older students, Billy introduces the concepts, and science of, the human impact on the atmosphere/climate.

$750 Single/$900 Back-to-Back

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