Christylez Bacon: Progressive Hip Hop Artist

As a dynamic member of the progressive hip hop movement, Christylez Bacon brings innovation to an art form already known for melding varied urban musical styles. Bacon adds a new flavor to the mix by harmonizing musical genres from around the world in a multi-instrumental exploration of beat box (oral percussion), rap, go-go, classical music and beyond. He frequently performs with artists of diverse backgrounds as part of what Bacon calls his “mission towards cultural acceptance and unification through music.”  By building cross-cultural connections, these presentations help students gain insight into the universality of artistic expression and encourage their direct participation in the performance experience through the use of call and response.

Musician, cellist and composer Wytold joins Christylez for optional duo performances.

Christylez’s performance was outstanding.  He got students involved in the performance.  He was very professional and very approachable.

– PTSA, Sligo Middle School (MCPS)

Christylez Bacon is a favorite amongst our students and faculty!

– Lower School Music Teacher, Friends School of Baltimore

St. Coletta School truly enjoyed having Mr. Bacon here to perform. He was very understanding of the needs of our students and ensured that they were able to participate and enjoy his performance. His interactions with our students were positive and he really seemed to want to understand more about how to adapt his shows for students with special needs. It was a fun day for all of our staff and students!

– Director of Curriculum and Instruction, St. Coletta of Greater Washington

Christylez Bacon is one of the most innovative and exciting musicians that Strathmore Musical Arts has ever had in our emerging Artist in Residence program. He is a consummate performer and a delight for collaborations with artists of different genres. With his background in hip hop, his version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D is brilliant, as is his beatbox accompaniment to old-time banjo music. He’s a true musical Renaissance man!

– Education Program Coordinator, Strathmore Performance Arts Center

Originally from Southeast DC, Christylez Bacon continues to perform and give back to his native community. Born in 1985, Bacon’s childhood experiences in a poverty-stricken and violent neighborhood of Southeast DC taught him the power of art and music to overcome adversity. Lack of resources did not stifle his creativity and instead inspired use of his voice, body, and even buckets to produce music. He graduated in 2005 from the prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts as a graphic design artist. Ironically, Bacon enjoyed writing lyrics and developing his vocal skills only as complementary activities to his visual arts focus. It was through music, however, that Bacon discovered his love of teaching greater cooperation and care for each other by mentoring children in lyric writing and the beat-box.

Bacon was the first hip hop artist to be an Artist in Residence at the Strathmore Performance Arts Center and the first hip hop artist to perform at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival. He has performed at the National Cathedral, composed a concert for a 12-piece orchestra for the Kennedy Center and produced multiple albums. He received a 2010 Grammy nomination for children’s CD, Banjo to Beatbox, a collaboration with folk musicians Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer.

Artist’s website: Christylez Bacon

Virtual program options available – contact us for more information.

Solo Performances

Human Beatbox
Christylez Bacon, GRAMMY nominated Progressive Hip-Hop artist combines rhyming, storytelling and interactive call and response choruses with diverse instrumentation to deliver a message of cultural acceptance & unification blending traditional elements of musical styles from jazz to hip-hop.

$655 Single/ $855 Back-to-Back

Duo Performances featuring Wytold

Beats, Bows and Remixes
Join Christylez Bacon and Wytold as hip-hop and classical music collide with multi-cultural collaboration, transforming well-known songs into new compositions. Learn how these musicians work as a team, listening to each other’s different backgrounds and perspectives as they shape modern versions of all-time favorites, from Hot Cross Buns to Bruno Mars. Create a team remix with Christylez and Wytold that twists and turns a familiar tune into a brand-new musical invention.

Classical Hip-Hop
Remixing the Classics, this program merges the contrasting worlds of Classical and Hip-Hop music in a collaborative musical program featuring GRAMMY nominated Progressive Hip-Hop artist Christylez Bacon (pronounced: chris-styles) and six-string electric cellist, Wytold (William Wytold Lebing). Traditional elements of hip-hop such as human beatbox, rhyming and storytelling are blended with classical compositions of composers like Bach, Vivaldi and Pachelbel.

Classical Hip-Hop 2.0

Christylez and Wytold continue their explorations of classical and hip-hop genres with pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Strauss and Vivaldi. This program emphasizes how students can use what they learn in school to create and enjoy music on their own and with others, and allows students to extend basic beatboxing skills by becoming part of a collaborative Beatbox Orchestra.

Single $845/Back-to-Back $1045


Hip-Hop Songwriting
Students enter the world of hip-hop songwriting using rhyme-words and figurative language as a vehicle to communicate thoughts, emotions, and messages. Students gain an understanding of the timing, song structure, rhythm, history, and rhyming that led to the globalization of Hip-Hop and its influence on other musical styles.

Human Beatbox
Christylez helps students discover their own organic drum set and the history of the Human Beatbox, a collection of organized vocal percussion sounds that emerged with hip-hop in the 1980s.

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Art Forms, Storytelling, Music

Program Type, Workshop, Residency, Performance

Curriculum/Theme, Language Arts, Social Studies, STEM, Character/SEL

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