Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo: Asia Comes Alive in Story and Music

Witty stories and unique musical instruments feature in Asia FantAsia (stories from Korea, Japan, China, and beyond) and Bamboo Jamboo (folktales from Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam). Hands-on workshops and mini-residencies include explorations of authentic instruments, movement, and storytelling techniques.

Robert had the children laughing and hanging on every word following along on his captivating stories!

– PTA, White Marsh Elementary School (TCPS)

Robert was exceptional. A number of teachers commented on much they enjoyed his performance and how the students were enthusiastically engaged. I would highly recommend to other schools.

– Parent, The Country School

My class truly enjoyed the performance. They were engaged and participated. I also enjoyed the rich culture incorporated.

– Teacher, Arrowhead Elementary School (PGCPS)

Growing up in the late 60′s with a Japanese and Filipino American heritage, Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo was provided with a rich cultural environment from which to explore the creation of an Asian American identity. His music background as a songwriter and composer, his interest and talents in Asian ethnic music, dance and theater, and his innate comedic ability merged with his social and political philosophy to place Robert in the exciting art form of storytelling. Synthesizing the spoken word with kinetic sensibilities, interlacing music to create interludes and atmosphere, and engaging his audiences into playful participation, integrates all of the elements Robert values for conveying his philosophy through performance.

Robert’s accolades include composing film scores for such notable Asian American filmmakers as Wayne Wang (“Chan is Missing” and “Eat a Bowl of Tea”) and Felicia Lowe (“Carved in Silence”). His musical expertise also includes performing and songwriting on recordings for such Asian American bands such as “Yokohama, California,” “Bamboo Brew,” and “The Noh Buddies.” As pioneer and master teacher of Kulintang gong music in Northern California, Robert fathered the Kulintang movement and founded the groups “Kalilang” and the “San Francisco Kulintang Ensemble.” The California Arts Council, Zellerbach Family Fund, and the National Endowment for the Arts/Folk Arts Program are a few of the eminent grants Robert has received. He was acknowledged with a SF Izzy Award and in 1999, he was the recipient of the National Young Audiences “Artist of the Year.”

Artist’s website: Eth-No-Tec: Kinetic Story Theater

Virtual program options available – contact us for more information.


Asia FantAsia

Weaving a variety of traditional tales with yarns of music and theater, Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo delights his audiences with folktales and myths from Korea, Japan, China, Tibet, and more than twenty-three other Asian countries—often embellishing the plots with the lyricism of a bamboo flute, or bringing characters to life with animated facial gestures. With a masterful use of timing and elements of surprise, Robert draws students and teachers alike into a joyful exploration of Asian culture.

Bamboo Jamboo: An Asian Musical Adventure!

A variety of music, dance, and storytelling cultures from the Asian world are introduced through a performance featuring varied flutes and storytelling theater. The haunting sounds of Shakuhachi flute music from Japan, the buzzing of a Southern Filipino bamboo jaw harp, and the multi-reed bamboo cane panpipes of Thailand all come to life as Robert demonstrates their sounds and introduces myths, anecdotes, and folklore associated with these instruments. Students have the opportunity to try the instruments and learn a variety of Asian folk dance steps.

Single $650/Back-to-Back $800

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Asian Pacific Playshop

Learn about Asian history and cultures while celebrating the performing arts! Hands-on workshops featuring storytelling, music, dance, history and culture, and traditional instruments, tailored to age group and curriculum.

Please contact us for workshop and one-day residency fees.

Additional travel fees apply.

Audience, Elementary School, Middle School, High School

Art Forms, Dance, Music, Storytelling, Theatre

Program Type, Performance, Workshop, Residency

Curriculum/Theme, Language Arts, Social Studies, World Languages, Character/SEL

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