Illuminating the Winter Months

  • December 11, 2020

Winter officially starts this month in the northern hemisphere and is host to myriad cultural and religious celebrations observed around the world. Many traditions celebrate the change of seasons, and it’s common to burn candles or set up starry lights to brighten winter, to lighten the darkness while we await resurgence in the spring. This year, especially, we look forward to spring with hope for restored health, revitalization, and reconnection.

Many of us depend on art to illuminate, inspire, provide calm, to interpret, celebrate, and make sense of the world, especially during difficult times. Artists remind us of our shared humanity and our need for community. Art has the power to connect us – even when we are physically unable to be together.

Artivate’s talented, dedicated artists continue to create, explore and share their art as they work to provide programming during the pandemic, to present best options for connecting and engaging with students, families, and other communities through virtual platforms. We will share some of these stories with you in our next message.

Artivate is grateful to our many supporters who help keep our lights burning – we could not do it without you. We recognize there are many needs this season as we again ask for your support. A donation to Artivate will make a difference to many artists and communities as we adapt to the new “normal,” moving our programming to virtual stages while keeping a watchful, ready eye towards the future and the reopening of our communities.