Our Grantors, Donors, and Sponsors

Artivate is thankful for the support we receive from people like you. Our programs benefit our community because of the following individuals and organizations providing support valued at $100 or more from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2108 (FY18) or July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 (FY19).


Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (FY18 & FY19)
Donors InVesting in the Arts (DIVAs) (FY18)
Greater Washington Community Foundation (FY18 & FY19)
Jim and Carol Trawick Foundation (FY18)
Maryland State Arts Council (FY18 & FY19)
Montgomery County Executive’s Ball Fund (FY18 & FY19)
Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation (FY18)
National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) (FY18 & FY19)
Philip L. Graham Fund (FY19)
Sharing Montgomery Fund (FY18 & FY19)
Wells Fargo Foundation (FY19)



Estate of Beth Sullivan (FY18)
Gregory & Mary Bruch (FY19)
Seymour DuBow (FY19)

$1000 – $4999

Alternative Gifts of Greater
__Washington (FY19)
Andrew & Angela Stevens (FY18)
Cliff Moy (FY18 & FY19)
Don & Ann Hague (FY18 & FY19)
Elizabeth McMeekin (FY18)
Erin & Jim Neill (FY18 & FY19)
Freddie Mac (FY18)*
Gregory & Mary Bruch (FY18)
IBM Corporation (FY18)*
Jeanne Simon (FY19)
Julie Mack & Joseph Titlebaum
__(FY18 & FY19)
Kimberly Singletary (FY19)
Leslie Grizzard (FY19)
Priscilla & John Peterson
__(FY18 & FY19)
Ronesha Butler (FY18)





Matching Donor
**Celebrate Artivate! Event Sponsor

$250 – $499

Andrew Stevens (FY19)
Ann Bensinger (FY18 & FY19)
Bob Lucore (FY18)
Catherine & Isiah Leggett (FY18)
Christina Walton (FY19)
David Pena (FY18)
James & Angela Modrick
__(FY18 & FY19)
Jan & Jim Eisner (FY19)
Marc Mauer (FY18 & FY19)
Nancy Graham (FY18)
Philip Webre (FY19)
Randy & Jim Chin (FY18)
Ronesha Butler (FY19)
Rouane Itani (FY18)
Stefan Bradham (FY18)

$500 – $999

Ashley Garrett (FY18 & FY19)
Claude A. & Blanche McCubbin
__Abbott Charitable Trust (FY19)
Elizabeth McMeekin (FY19)
Evan Zasoski (FY18)
Jeanne Simon (FY18)
Joan Burns (FY18)
John Compton (FY18 & FY19)
Kathy & Doug Bradham
__(FY18 & FY19)
Kimberly Singletary (FY18)
Randy & Jim Chin (FY19)
Revere Bank (FY19)**
Risa Bender (FY18)

$100 – $249

Ada Saunders (FY19)
Amy Thrasher (FY19)
Annie Morrison (FY19)
Anne Spielberg (FY18 & FY19)
Ayda Sanver (FY19)
Barbara Dalto (FY18)
Carol Trawick (FY19)
Chris Howard (FY19)
Christopher Scalzo (FY19)
Cindy Stewart (FY19)
Claire Schwadron (FY18)
Dave Lebow (FY18)
Elvira Mendez (FY19)
Eliza & Dan Carney (FY18)
Elizabeth Keeler (FY18)
Faheem Moghal (FY19)
Forrest Daniels (FY18 & FY19)
Girlena Purnell Brown (FY18)
Haussler & Associates (FY19)
Heather Collick (FY19)
Helen Chamberlain (FY19)
Jan Eisner (FY18)
Jean Jawdat (FY18 & FY19)
Jeff Levey (FY19)
Jeffrey Carlisle (FY18)
Jim & Katie Sebastian (FY19)
Jody Marshall (FY18 & FY19)
Joe Falkenstein (FY19)

$100 – $249 (continued)

Julie Grohovsky (FY18)
Katherine Bradley (FY18)
Kathy Michels (FY18)
LaMar Davis (FY18)
Larry Kanter (FY18)
Lee & Linda Lachman (FY19)
Letitia Carlson (FY18)
Lia Purpura (FY18)
Linda Simon (FY18)
Lisa Sidel (FY19)
Margo Reid (FY18)
Nina Prill (FY19)
Pam Feinstein (FY19)
Pete Cross (FY19)
Philip Webre (FY18)
Reemberto Rodriguez (FY19)
Revere Bank (FY18)
Rivka Yerushalmi (FY18 & FY19)
Robert Kohn (FY19)
Sandra Yesnowitz (FY18)
Sarah Egan (FY19)
Sarah Killory (FY19)
Sherryl Marshall (FY18 & FY19)
Sheryl & Lee Miller (FY19)
Sirena Dib (FY19)
Stacy Heit (FY19)
Susan Rubel (FY18)
Yoshitatsu & Shizuko Sei (FY19)

Every attempt has been made to properly recognize the contributions made by our generous donors according to their wishes. Please report any errors to office@goartivate.org.

Artivate is funded in part by an operating grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, an agency dedicated to cultivating a vibrant cultural community where the arts thrive; by funding from the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County; and by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.