Barynya: Russian Music Dance and Song

World-renowned folk ensemble Barynya introduces the rich traditions and culture of pre-revolution Russia. Lively songs from Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Jewish, Roma Gypsy, Tatar, and Siberian traditions are sung and played on traditional instruments like the garmoshka (button accordion) and stringed balalaika. Vivid costumes, athletic dances, and lighthearted humor enhance this memorable performance.

The level of musicianship and movement was exceptional. We were very pleased and honored that Barynya, through their gifted artistic expression, introduced the previously unfamiliar cultural traditions of Russia to our students.

— The Key School

Established in 1991 by Mikhail Smirnov, the ensemble Barynya performs Russian, Cossack, Ukrainian, Russian Gypsy Roma, and Jewish traditional dancing and music on instruments including the balalaika, balalaika contrabass, guitar and garmoshka. The trio of the ensemble Barynya is typically: Mikhail Smirnov (garmoshka, guitar, vocals), Elina Karokhina (balalaika, vocals, dance), and Gosha(dancer, costumed characters). In addition to numerous school and community performances, Barynya has been invited to perform at some of the most prestigious cultural venues in the U.S., including Carnegie Hall, the Smithsonian, the United Nations, and the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

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Russian Music, Dance and Song
Three members of Russian dance, song and music ensemble Barynya perform school assembly/community concerts. The program includes famous Russian table song “Father Frost” (“Oi, Moroz, Moroz”) with accompaniment of garmoshka, “Balalaika Medley”, “Moscow Nights”, “Korobushka”, “Kalinka”, “Nanaisky Siberian Wrestling Dance”, Khorovod song and dance “Metelitsa” (“The Snowstorm”), “Russian Chicken dance” (Танец маленьких утят), “Russian dance lesson”, “Russian Alphabet lesson”, Russian Gypsy Roma song and dance “Dark Eyes” (“Очи Черные”), “Chardash” (balalaika solo, instrumental), “Tanets Medvedya” (Dance of the Russian Bear), “Russian Percussian Orchestra”, “Russian Tongue Twisters” (русские скороговорки), and Ukrainian traditional song and dance “Pidmanula”.

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