Why Artivate?

  • December 30, 2020

Two years ago, I was invited to attend a concert at the home of a friend, former colleague, and Artivate Board member, Priscilla Peterson. It was music performed by two incredible musicians, Solomia Gorokhivska and Andre Pidkivka of Gerdan, who are Artivate roster artists. I was blown away! Having said that, as a professional oboist with many many years of concerts performed and concerts heard, being blown away is not something that happens very often. I became interested in Artivate and it’s importance to the community, attended other events and, subsequently, was invited to join the Board in September, a position that I willingly accepted.

As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic hit in a big way, affecting everyone. As it happened, everything shut down. That meant no Easter services and performances. This year, I had several events of really wonderful music and performances with incredible groups and artists that were rightfully canceled. This caused depression and I lost my motivation to practice, and I questioned ‘what is the point?’ I think that I can say that other performers have felt the same way. As I have thought about all of this, I have realized how important and how necessary playing music is to me.

It is impressive to see how all artists; visual, dance and music, have found a way to re-start online and to continue their work and how this continuing has helped people who listen and would-be audience members, survive this pandemic. The arts are important and help heal in many ways.

This is the spirit of the arts. We will survive!

Ada Saunders
Artivate Board Member
Professional Musician (Oboe)
Instrumental Music Instructor

Andre Pidkivkaa and Solomia Gorokhivska of Gerdan perform at a house concert at the home of Priscilla and John Peterson