Year-Long Virtual Drawing & Painting Workshops for Montgomery County Teens

  • April 29, 2021

For the past few years, Artivate has partnered with Identity, Inc., to create after-school arts experiences for high school students who participate in Identity’s Wellness Center programs. Identity provides an array of services for at-risk teens in Montgomery County, improving their chances for success in their schools and communities. This partnership is an example of Artivate’s mission to extend our reach into underserved communities, offering high-quality programming to marginalized young people.

See for more information about the outstanding work of Identity, Inc.

Artivate’s on-going, weekly programs for Identity have included visual arts, music, dance, West-African drumming, and photography. During the pandemic, we focused on virtual workshops in drawing and painting for students at Wheaton and Watkins Mill High Schools. Artivate and Identity staff coordinated efforts to deliver an assortment of art materials for students to use from home. Artists worked from their home studios to offer instruction, teach about famous artists, and demonstrate techniques.

Arturo Ho conducts virtual workshops from his home studio

Arturo Ho conducts virtual workshops from his home studio

Martina Sestakova teaches a workshop featuring watercolors via Zoom

Martina Sestakova teaches a workshop featuring watercolors via Zoom.

Many of the students have come to trust and enjoy the weeks they have spent together with visual artists Carien Quiroga, Arturo Ho, and Martina Sestakova. Recently, with Ms.Quiroga, students provided feedback on what they wanted to learn, and the majority stated that they wanted to learn how to draw faces. She led them through various presentations that described how to draw eyes, noses, and mouths. The students were then given the opportunity to practice what they had learned.

~  Carolyn Camacho, Program Director, Identity, Inc.

Teen face drawing - 1
teen face drawing - 2

Students share artwork created during a series of workshops with Carien Quiroga.