Flow Circus: Play. Connect. Grow.

Flow Circus offers performances, workshops, and professional development to schools, libraries, camps, and other youth-focused organizations. Unplugged, challenging skills such as juggling, plate spinning, and flower stick twirling create a climate of playful learning. These highly interactive programs foster a culture of self-directed learning, perseverance, and success.

The students loved Flow Circus.  One 5th grader said at the end of the assembly, “I laughed so much my cheeks hurt!” Paul Miller does a tremendous job in entertaining, teaching, and connecting with his audience. He was excellent in all categories!

– Fine Arts Assembly Coordinator, Saints Peter and Paul School

I just had to let you know that today’s assembly was AWESOME!! I can’t recommend Flow Circus highly enough. The kids were entertained, totally engaged, and learning great stuff. My 2nd grader was even raising his hand to volunteer, which he never does!  Several teachers stopped me afterwards to tell me it was one of the best assemblies we’ve ever had.

– PTA Cultural Arts, Lucy Barnsley Elementary (MCPS)

Paul was terrific! The entire school K-5 enjoyed his show!

– PTA Cultural Arts, Piney Ridge Elementary School (CCPS)

I received many positive comments from both students and teachers/staff following his back-to-back performances. I would highly recommend Flow Circus to any school or organization. Paul was high-energy, entertaining, educational and extremely engaging.

– Corey Derrenbacher, PTA, Latonsville Elementary School

Paul Miller, founder and primary performer of Flow Circus Kids, has been influenced by the traditions of American Vaudeville, silent film, and contemporary street theater. Paul’s unique blend of contagious energy, quirky characters, spectacular juggling, and comedy magic captivate audiences from the moment he steps on stage. Performances are engaging for all ages with plenty of audience participation. Since 1999, he has toured the United States performing his one man show at libraries, schools, and festivals. Recent credits include Disney Cruise Lines, Off-Broadway, USO, and TEDx Creative Coast.

Artist’s website: Flow Circus Kids

Virtual program options available – contact us for more information.


Flop Forward: Flipping Failure Into Fortitude – A week with his grandparents at their mountain home with no television or internet seems like torture at first – but things change when performer Paul Miller learns to shift his mindset, unlocking a world rich in adventure and play. Empowered to persevere when things get hard, innovate instead of complain, and model bravery by showing weakness, Paul enjoys successes he never imagined. Enjoy Paul’s comic storytelling as he shares the skills he learned, the toys he created, and the timeless lessons he learned from his grandparents. (Grades K-8)

Science of Awesome
Explore the world of science and skill toys where things fall, balance and spin. Performer Paul Miller will leave students (and teachers) with an urge to pick up and play with the world around them to discover the invisible forces of the physical world such as gravity and kinetic energy. (Grades K-8)

Read Yourself Silly

Students will be inspired to read as performer Paul Miller shares the story of how a trip to the circus inspired him to visit his library to learn more about juggling which led to balloons, magic, and the history of the circus. Throughout the performance, he models how learning through books can be fun and lead you to discover new interests. (Grades K-8)

Single $700/Back-to-Back $1250

Fees are for daytime school programs in Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia only.

Evening, weekend, workshop and non-school fees differ – please contact us.

Additional travel fees apply.


Skill Toys From Around the World
Students explore both history and the impact of cultural exchange through toys in this hands-on workshop. Skill toys such as juggling, yo-yo, and the bilboquet have histories dating back hundreds and in some cases thousands of years. Instructors provide the cultural context for the skill toys and basic instruction on how to manipulate them. Students then experience hands-on play as it has been through the centuries. During an opportunity to reflect on this experience, students compare these unplugged toys to modern technology and draw conclusions about the future of play. (Grades 5-12)

Juggle Me This
From ancient Egypt to the Renaissance to the modern circus, juggling has entertained audiences and challenged individuals to reach new heights. Three-ball juggling is broken down into simple, easy-to-learn steps while stories from its rich history are shared. Instructors create a culture of success by providing individual feedback and important resilience-building strategies. All students improve while gaining a better understanding of themselves and history. (Grades 5-12)

Contact us for Workshop Fees

Fees are for daytime school programs in Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia only.

Evening, weekend, workshop and non-school fees differ – please contact us.

Additional travel fees apply.

Family Fun Night

Treat families to an unforgettable evening of laughter and play with this 45 minute comedy juggling and magic performance. After the show, Flow Circus Kids will set up play stations with skill toys Paul uses on stage such as spinning plates and flower sticks. Families will have the opportunity to play together as they move between stations at their own pace. (Grades K-8)

Package includes:
• 45 minute comedy juggling and magic performance
• Up to 2 hours of skill toy play stations for hands-on engagement after the show
• Skill toy store to continue family play long after our visit

Package $1500

Additional travel fees apply.

Audience, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Children & Families

Art Forms, Theatre

Program Type, Performance, Workshop, Residency

Curriculum/Theme, Language Arts, Social Studies, World Languages, Character/SEL

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