Joanne Miller: Photography, Nature, Art and the Ecosystem

Joanne Miller leads students through a process of discovery.  While incorporating the visual language of art and use of a camera as a tool, students communicate their understanding of interdependent  relationships in ecosystems.  Young artists are guided though the basics of camera use, composition, observation of details and personal point-of-view.

“Fantastic program…students developed creative and critical thinking skills!  They were given the opportunity to see the world in a new way.”

Elizabeth Leighton, MCPS Art Teacher

Joanne Miller is an accomplished visual artist, photographer and educator who develops and teaches innovative photography, art and nature programs that integrate key environmental issues with creative expression.  Certified in arts integration and “STEAM” she is on the Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County’s Teaching Artist Roster. Her long-term photographic series “Living on the Edge” explores the connections between wildlife and urban landscapes.

Artist’s Website: Joanne Miller


Photography and the Environment

Joanne’s arts-integrated and STEAM residencies guide students to experience the wonder of nature from a creative, expressive point of view. Students learn photographic skills and concepts (digital cameras provided) and apply them outdoors through exercises on school grounds. Programs are tailored to curriculum and range from ecosystems, pollination, and weather to community land use and environmental impact.

Program and final projects and can be tailored for various grade levels.

5-day photography residency – $4900

Additional travel fees apply.

Audience, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Children & Families, Adults

Art Forms, Visual Arts

Program Type, Residency

Curriculum/Theme, Language Arts, Social Studies, STEM, Character/SEL, Green

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