Class Acts Arts Changes Name to Artivate

  • June 13, 2016

Class Acts Arts, Inc., a nonprofit, arts education outreach organization serving the Greater Washington, DC Metropolitan area, is proud to announce its new name: Artivate, Inc.  After more than 20 years of bringing the arts to schools and communities as Class Acts Arts, the organization embarked on a rebranding project this spring to rejuvenate its brand and better connect with audiences.

Artivate gives us a simple and concise term that provides a fresh and active approach to our identity,” says James E. Modrick, executive director of Artivate. “While no single expression captures the full scope of our vision and mission, we were drawn to the name ‘Artivate’ because it felt action-oriented,” says Modrick, adding that the new name is a play on the words art, motivate, participate and innovate. “If it were a real term, artivate would be a verb. It is something that you do, and one of the primary distinguishing features of our organizational approach to the arts. We view the arts as more than something that you experience or attend, but as something that you do.” The organization’s new web address,, reflects this active notion of art.

Since 1995, the organization has brought culturally diverse arts programs to DC-area schools and communities through alliances with artists, arts organizations, museums, community-based groups, and service agencies. While arts programs continue to face cutbacks in many schools, Class Acts Arts ensures that creativity always has a place. Last year the organization facilitated over 1,500 performances and workshops in the literary, visual and performing arts, reaching an estimated 230,000 children, teachers, adults, seniors, at-risk youth, and special needs populations in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Equally dedicated to arts and artists, Class Acts Arts also offers employment and professional development resources to 125 performers, writers, and creators annually.

“We are really proud of the work we’ve done over the past 20 years and we fully embrace who we are and who we have been. Our decision to rebrand was based on our desire for name that helped tell our story in a distinct, concise and memorable way. Artivate is an active way for us to connect with our many constituencies and, most importantly, to connect with those who have yet to know us,” says Modrick.

The new name is effective immediately, and will be implemented across the organization’s programs and services throughout the rest of the year.