While the arts have faced cutbacks in many schools, Artivate ensures that creativity has a place to grow and flourish. Since 1995, through alliances with artists, arts organizations, museums, community-based groups, and service agencies, it has brought culturally diverse programs – in theater, dance, drawing, and singing – directly to DC-area schools and communities, including public libraries, schools, botanical gardens, museums, and theaters.

School and Community Outreach works with schools and other community organizations to design and plan programs. The artists included in our diverse roster have the ability to serve a wide range of audiences and offer many kinds of cultural experiences though performances and workshops or residencies. Through interactive performances, our artists at Artivate inspire audiences to see the world through the lens of different cultures. Our programs provide entertaining and educational qualities, which help audience members develop a greater awareness of self-expression and understanding of others. 

Launched in 2000, Project Youth ArtReach (PYA) programs reach upwards of 2,500 youth per year at several sites in Maryland. Professional artists lead 16 – 18 workshops per week, including classes in ceramics, painting, mixed media, drumming, poetry, storytelling, guitar and dance. A series of workshops often culminates in youth poetry readings, donation of artwork to the community (e.g., murals installed in public places) or drumming demonstrations.